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The essential oils revolution is a global movement of people taking back their power.
Lives are being changed one drop at a time.

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Why is all of this important? It means that dōTERRA is here to stay.
They are growing at a phenomanal rate and as a company with no debt and no shareholders there is no compromise on quality 
9,000,000 +

Customers Worldwide

$1 billion




What People are Saying

Take a look at how these bottles of nature are helping change lives around the world.


Dōterra essential Oils changed mine and my family’s lives for the better.


Thank you Sarah for pointing me in the direction of solving things in a natural way to heal our bodies.


Sarah is a wealth of information and always on the other side of the phone when needed .
I am never without an oil in my pocket or a handbag thanks to her great advice.


I started using the oils to help with my sons asthma mostly and I find them great for that but I am using them for a lot more than that now from skin care to cleaning to relieving aches and pains to making my house smell divine!!


I have been using doterra essential oils for years and I wouldn't do without them. They have become a daily routine in this house from first thing in the morning to diffusing adaptiv to last thing at night with vetiver on my daughter hollys feet who has asd.

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